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It’s no secret that the consumer experience has radically and forever changed. Our niche agency offers an unorthodox ability to be nimble and adapt our strategic offerings to create brand messaging that moves us all.

As principals of The Creative, it is our responsibility to simultaneously observe the ever-changing world around us, while also looking inward to resolve what is it that people really care about? What motivates a consumer to take action -- but most importantly, what inspires them?

Now with thoughtful intention, The Creative moves one step further, dedicating the evolution of our business toward shared growth and purpose. Our vision lays in the ‘big picture’ – replacing storytelling with truth telling and content validation. Acknowledging that consumers are more sharp-eyed and understanding than ever.  We are the anti #ad.

We specialize in creating fluid, progressive brand strategy that resonates in a lasting, more meaningful way. We aim to restore trust and credibility in brand-speak. We aim to leave consumers inspired, by exciting the shared journey of our human experience. We don’t make disposable PR.

We’re into conscious consumerism. We’re die-hard fashion lovers and design devotees. But we also want to celebrate what inspires. Sustainability. Inclusivity. Soulfulness. Brands that leave the world a better place.

Finding, communicating and sharing meaning.

It just has to be real.








We offer our lifestyle clients the following services: media visibility, content creation, event production, branding, orchestrating collaborations, influencer acquisition and activations, and social media consulting and management.


Brazilian born and a New Yorker at heart, Lorenzo started his career in 2002 in Advertising and Public Relations after graduating from Paris’ PGSM with a Master’s Degree in Luxury Brand Management. His work experience includes an emphasis on building and publicizing luxury and beauty brands, and in January 2013 he launched Martone Cycling, his own collection of design-driven city bikes.


Caitlin has developed comprehensive branding and PR Strategies for some of the world’s top luxury and lifestyle brands. Her expertise has been cultivated through the experiences of launching new fashion and lifestyle companies from infancy to maturity. She also has specialized experience working with digital companies, social commerce brands, and mobile applications. Caitlin is a member of the Forbes New York Business Council and authors regular posts for the site involving the ever-changing media landscape and PR theory.